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Australian Lottery

You will find a number of Australian Lottery games held throughout the week until Saturday.

Australia – Oz Lotto

Australian LotteryThis Australian Lottery is held on Tuesday evenings with jackpot prizes that start at around $2 Million, it was introduced in 1994 as a fully functional national lottery game.

“Odds To Win The Oz Lotto Jackpot” Approximately 1 in 46 Million plus – high due to being a 7 sequence lotto.

Australia – Powerball Lotto

This Powerball Lotto Game has been designed with the American game in mind and is assessable throughout the Australian States, it was first released in the Spring of 1996 with the Jackpot draws taking place on Thursday evenings. To win the this Australian lottery jackpot ticket holders must match all 5 winning numbers plus the Powerball.

“Odds To Win The Powerball Lotto Jackpot” Approximately 1 in 55 Million – This draw has seen jackpots up to around $80 Million “Setting A Record”

Australia – Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto holds around 7 Superdraws every year, the odds to win its weekly Saturday jackpot are much better in comparison to the above Australian lottery games. Matching 6 numbers with odds around 1 in 8 Million will win a ticket a nice jackpot prize. This is one of the older lotteries and was first known in 1972.

Australia – Wednesday Lotto

The Wednesday Lotto is attributed to New South Wales Lotteries it is well known and first known as The Big One when introduced in November 1979, the starting prize is $1 Million

Australian Lottery Tickets

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