EU Lotto

There are a whole bunch of EU Lotto draws to get tucked into and thanks to the internet they are accessible to lottery players in most countries outside of the European Union.

One of the most popular EU Lotto draws is the Euro Lottery which needs no introduction, this draw can provide winning jackpot amounts of up to €180 million, a much sort after and dreamed of top prize amount.

EU Lotto Games

To find the EU Lotto games with the biggest jackpots take a look at the only world wide tickets merchant service offered by The Lotter not only do they have a long list of Europe Lottery games the lotter customers can buy tickets for lotteries all over the world.

EU Lotto List

The Players LotteryEuro Lottery: played officially by nine European countries and attracts players from no less than 138 countries.

Before taking a look below at the EU Lotto list you may like to learn of a new EU Lotto jackpot released in April of 2012.

Europe Lottery  – New

The players lottery jackpot draw is an EU Lotto with jackpot odds better than any other lottery jackpot game in the world, the players lottery provides customers with starting jackpot odds of 1 in 300,000 with the ability to better those odds to win a €12 million top prize to 1 in 1500 odds of winning.

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Although primarily an EU Lotto this jackpot is going world wide allowing any players living in countries without strict gambling laws to buy tickets, not only does this Europe Lottery style game provide the best jackpot odds they will also payout €100,000 to players who have introduced family and friends who then go on to win a jackpot. “I wish I had 300,000 friends”

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Creating an account with the worlds number one ticket merchants is safe ‘n’ easy and all customers are assigned a personal account manager, take a look at the service offered by the lotter and gain access to the EU Lotto of your choice for your chance to win a large Europe Lottery style prize today!

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