Still Waiting For My Premium Bonds Syndicate To Win A Prize

I remember first hearing of the premium bonds when I was a child and it was generally something I used to overhear in a conversation my Grandparents having. Sometimes I would hear of friends being given an amount of premium bonds as a gift from Grandparents or it was something left in a will. “It was something that never really interested me” I never thought I would be wondering have I won the premium bonds or not.

That was not until moving from the UK and still wanting to play the UK Lottery games so I went on a search of a way to play them from outside the country. I managed to find a syndicate and found this the best and cheapest method for me which also includes a number of entries into the UK premium bonds draws.

euromillions gambling oddsAlthough I do not have any savings in the form of premium bonds I do have 15 numbers entered every month without fail via my syndicate. Although I have had prizes numerous times from the Euromillions and UK Lottery I am still waiting to win a prize from the premium bonds. I don’t hope for much “The odds of lotteries eh?” but I do prefer to play with more chances for much less money.

You can track my syndicate results and lottery winnings if you wish, I will let you know when I have won a premium bonds prize.

Premium Bond Numbers

139QL226721 – 139QL226722 – 139QL226723 – 139QL226724 – 139QL226725 – 139QL226726 – 139QL226727 – 139QL226728 – 139QL226729 – 139QL226730 – 139QL226731 – 139QL226732 – 139QL226733 – 139QL226734 – 139QL226735

If you have come to this site by mistake looking for the premium bond results to see if you have won a prize you can click here which will take you to the “NS&I” National Savings and Investment website, thanks for your visit and good luck.

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