Where To Watch the New Euro Millions Game Live On TV

Can You Watch the New Euro Millions Game on TV

Due to the changes and introduction of the new Tuesday Euromillions game many of you maybe wondering if you can watch this new euro millions game on TV, the short answer to that is no but you can actually watch it, it is just not going to be shown on the UK BBC channel. Please find this post briefly covering the changes to how we play the euro millions and exactly where you can watch it.

Recording of New Tuesday Euro millions 10th May 2011

Where to Watch The New Euro Millions Game

When I found out this Tuesday game was not on BBC TV I was a little disappointed, my first thoughts were how can they not put such a big and to many of us an important event live on TV.

Lucky I have internet TV

I love watching lottery games live my ticket in hand eagerly waiting to see if I have been lucky enough to win a euro millions jackpot and have them lucky blue fingers pointing at me. Alas my “dream winning numbers” have not yet come in.

Watch Euro Millions Game On The National Lottery Website

So the UK BBC channel is not going to bestow us with a slot for the new Tuesday Euro Millions game, maybe they think we already have too much lottery gambling on TV or is it the UK National Lottery is not going to pay for one. Which ever one it is there will soon be plenty of options for watching the Euro millions.

For a start you can watch the Euro Millions draw here via the main National Lottery website it will be a recording of the show that will be added after the live draw takes place after about 10pm onwards but probably before 12am in most cases “JUST SCROLL DOWN A BIT WHEN YOU GET THERE!.

In case you were wondering the Friday Euromillions will be on BBC TV as per normal.

Changes To The Euro Millions Game

As you know by now there is a new Tuesday Euro Millions game but there are some additional small changes to the way we can play. The ticket price at this time is still the same per each entry and there is also a Millionaire Raffle for UK players.

The Tuesday game is open and available to all countries previously involved, “about time they started adding some more” We thinks….

1. We can now choose our lucky numbers from a choice of 1 to 11 supposed to the previous 1 to 9.
2. There are going to be many more winners as a new euro millions prize level has been introduced, when we match just 2 numbers we can go claim a prize, well the cost of our entry for the ticket plus a bit more if lucky.
3. The payout of this new prize level is an estimated £2 to £3

Not From The UK But Want To Play Millionaire Raffle

If you are not from the UK and would like to know how to gain entry to our Millionaire Raffle you can check out this page https://www.lovemylotto.com/how-it-works telling you exactly how. It will also offer some great info and a product available to anybody wanting more chances for winning euromillions prizes.

For those of you that are like me and a little disappointed that the Tuesdays Euro millions is not on TV for us players entering the UK games I am sure with the wonders of the internet and the world of online technology will provide us with the next best thing “Youtube” if someone should be nice enough to record it in France. Thanks for your visit and good luck in the new Tuesday game.

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