Wanted A Lottery Licence or To Become a UK National Lottery Retailer – But Have Been Refused?

Lottery Licence

I don’t think you need a lottery licence to become a UK National Lottery Retailer but if you are a newsagents or grocery store wanting to get a Camelot ticket machine to sell lottery tickets you will find the selection process taking into account around 40 separate criteria’s for acceptance.

UK National Lottery Retailer

Winning lottery numbers.co.uk are not part of the National lottery company in any way but if you wanted to become a lottery retailer the next link will take you to the lottery retailer application form.


Quite often there is more demand to become a lottery retailer than the need for ticket machines.

Who Needs A Lottery Licence

Anybody that wants to create a lottery company to sell chances/tickets to the public should know it is not easy to get a lottery licence and to obtain one there are very strict rules and guidelines to be met.

Refused A National Lottery Retailer Ticket Machine?

Do you own a Newsagents or Grocery shop in the UK and wanted to make money selling lottery tickets to the public, if you did not meet all the requirements to become a National Lottery Retailer all is not lost, you can make money from the same UK lottery games Via a different method.

Retail Lottery Syndicates Instead

Lottery Affiliate BusinessRecently the UK witnessed a TV introduction of a new Lottery Jackpot company; the product is called LoveMyLotto and considered a Multi Lottery Syndicate System. Jackpot store LTD “LoveMyLotto” buy tickets on member’s behalves who are placed into 21 player teams.

There are 3 levels of monthly entry Bronze Silver and Gold – £10 £20 £34 respectively, lottery syndicate retailers receive 20% recurring commissions for the lifetime of all paying customers they have introduced to the syndicate. All packages include entry to the Euromillions, Millionaire Raffle, UK Lottery, UK Premium Bonds and an in house £1 million jackpot drawn daily.

The different entry levels denote how many chances a member receives to win every month.

Lottery Syndicate Retailers will also receive 5% commissions from introduced others/business partners and their player volume and introductions earning more money from lottery sales, from time to time lovemylotto have also been known to forfeit their own commissions for a given month giving it to the lottery syndicate retailers for any new introductions made.

Want To Know More

You can find out more about the affiliate program here, to earn money from introductions you will have to become a member at minimum silver level entry, we also don’t advise retailing syndicates from your newsagents or shops if you are already a lottery retailer with a ticket machine.

Help Setting Up As A Lottery Syndicate Retailer

If after checking out the lovemylotto affiliate program you would like some help setting up or some great advice to get you started please do contact us we will reply with our Skype address and phone number. If you are in our team we can have a domain name set up in no time at all for you to send prospective members or your regular shop customers to.

You wont need a lottery licence as lovemylotto take care of everything from purchasing of the tickets, collection and distribution of the winnings to members and publicizing the results on the members website and informing customers of every win they have, and of course paying lottery retailers any money made by them.

Lovemylotto are also a global company and have already gained a wide audience from around the world, a rather large amount of interest occurs when the euromillions is having large rollovers as I am sure you can imagine.

Join us as a Lottery Syndicate Retailer today, provide a convenient and cost effect way to play lottery to your already loyal customers.

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