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Lottery Numbers Checker

You can find results for a number of games on this website, primarily we take care of the UK Lotto and Euromillions results, if displayed you should see the lottery numbers checker in the side bar for these draws.

It should display the most recent draw results, if our UK results checker has not been updated it is likely the draw has only just happened, you can always check our winning lottery numbers main index page to find the latest UK lotto and euromillions results, as a rule they are published on this site 2 minutes after the draws have happened.

Players and lucky winners should also find the winning payouts and amount of prize money that can be collected for the winning numbers that have been matched on the purchased ticket just check our main page.

Past Lottery Numbers Checker

You should check the rules for your own countries lottery games but as a rule players have up to 6 months to claim a winning lottery prize on their ticket purchase.

If you have just found your lost lottery ticket in a coat pocket or something all is not lost as you have easy access to a past lottery numbers checker, if you have matched some winning numbers as I said above just make sure it is for a draw that has happened in the last 6 months, not a day more.

For those of you interested you can use the past lottery results checker to find winning numbers for a wide range of lotteries from just happened up to 10 years past.

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Lottery Numbers Checker

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Please also find below live RSS lottery numbers checker feeds for a number of other lotteries from around the world.

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