Winning Numbers Lottery Results Tables Sat 7th May 2011

Lottery Results Sat 7 May 11

Check the recent Lottery Results Saturday 7th May 2011 to see if you have won a prize, there was one winner for tonight’s jackpot of £4,607,457 but plenty of other prize tiers so if you have won a smaller prize payout please find the winning lottery numbers Sat 7th May 2011 prizes table below.

Winning Numbers 7 May 2011

17 18 24 29 35 48 *03

Recent Lottery News

Today saw the first sale of euro millions tickets for the new Tuesday draw, there have been a few changes but the ticket price stays the same. As usual players will choose their main numbers 1 to 50 with a slight alteration for the lucky numbers which you now have a choice of between 1 and 11.

There is a smaller prize tier giving ticket holders the chance to win on just two of their numbers.

Lottery Results Sat 7th May 2011 prize table

No. of matches No. of winners £s per winner Prize fund
Match 6 1 £4,607,457 £4,607,457
Match 5 plus Bonus 17 £83,392 £1,417,664
Match 5 382 £2,319 £885,858
Match 4 24,565 £79 £1,940,635
Match 3 495,306 £10 £4,953,060

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