Email And Phone Lottery Scams

National Lottery Scams

There are a number of lottery scams in operation today and a few methods in which they use to try and con unsuspecting and vulnerable people out of money.

Follow this one rule – You have got to be in it to win it – if you have not played how on earth can you be winning the lottery.

If you have won a prize how come some of these lottery scammers require you to pay money before releasing a large sum of cash to the said winner?

My answer to that is take it out of my winnings send me the check minus what I owe you, a check will do, you do not officially need my bank details to pay me money if you are an official company, “Official Companies by the Way” always have a Check Book and Pen!

To avoid being scammed other ways, Only play lottery games that have a recognised Gambling Commission or Authority behind them. Everybody who plays lottery games loves to win prizes and nobody likes to be scammed, to be truthful personally I can not understand how any body can think they have won a prize in a game they have not played.

If you have bought a ticket from the shop and you receive a national lottery scam email tell you that you have won a large prize, one question would spring to my mind, how the …. Did they get my email?

As a rule even if you were to buy your ticket online from the main Camelot National lottery website you would still have to take care of claiming your own winnings, you would have an account with them so know exactly who you are dealing with.

Lottery Scams in Operation Today!

Direct Mail Lottery Scam

A letter through your door telling you that you a winner, you have won the lottery and a large some of money to claim it please reply with your bank details and a possessing fee, many lottery scams will require you to call a premium rate telephone number and they don’t tell you it is premium in the letter.

Come on – if the company has money to give out a processing fee is the least of their worries.

Phone Lottery Scam

The lottery scammers telephone the prospective victim informing them that they are a lottery official and give them the fantastic news that they have won the lottery. They hope to catch the individual of guard enough to lower their defences to acquire their bank details.

Post Code Lottery Scam

Many people have also been caught out by what is called a post code lottery scam, potential victims are contacted being told their post code and door number has received a lottery prize. Did you enter the lottery – no – put the phone down or keep them chatting “Teach Them A Lesson For Ringing” if you are lonely but do not give them any personal details.

Email Lottery Scam

This type of lottery scam is quite similar to the direct mail, quite often the scam emails are made to look official and really quite genuine. Some more thought out email lottery scams will have links taking the potential victim to a Cloned lottery website looking exactly like the official ones, the purpose to get you to enter your details and or account information for a specific website. I think this kind of tactic is called phishing.

Lottery Scam Tips

1. Nobody anywhere in the world can win a lottery they have not actually entered, for instance if you do not posses a paid for ticket for games like the UK Lottery or Euro Millions you do not have any entries so no chances to win prizes.

2. No National Lottery or otherwise anywhere in the world will need or want any processing fees paid before a prize is paid out to any one ever!

3. Do not take notice of any direct mailings, emails, text messages or telephone calls to authenticate anything. Lottery Scams will and do include links in emails to official websites like the Euro millions and National lottery helping to make the email official.

Please find some useful links to further your knowledge on lottery scams and how to keep safe from phishing.

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