Lotto Polska

To play the Lotto Polska in the past we would have had to be living in Poland however thanks to our partner and world wide messenger service it is now easy to play Poland Lotto online from abroad from most countries in the world.

Poland – Lotto Polska Results

If no winning lottery numbers are displayed below then the live results checker is in the process of being updated, if you have some time on your hands check out our selection of free casino games while you wait.

Past Lotto Polska Wyniki

If you would like to view the past Lotto Polska Results then just follow the link and use the drop down menu.

How To Play The Lotto Polska Game

You can Buy Lotto Polska Tickets Online for up to 52 draws or play a minimum four block entry for just one draw. If you are from the UK you may find the Polish Lotto very similar to the UK Lottery, players must select 6 numbers from a selection of 1 to 49 however the polish lottery game only has 4 winning prize tiers which is one less than the UK Lottery game.

The jackpot starts slightly less than the UK lottery and does allow for rollovers, if you compare the jackpot sizes and price of entry to the economy of Poland verses the UK then the Lotto Polska is by far the best for the citizens of Poland although saying that prizes are subject to Tax unlike the UK Lottery prizes are all tax free.

Lotto Polska Tax 10%

Lotto Polska Odds

Prize Divisions
Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 6 1:13,983,816
2 Prize 5 1:54,201
3 Prize 4 1:1,032
4 Prize 3 1:57

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