Euromillions Millionaire Raffle Prize Breakdown Odds

Millionaire Raffle

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The Millionaire Raffle draw is a game attributed to the euromillions and for players of the United Kingdom, it is an add on draw and comes with the purchases of tickets for the euromillions, one entry per line of euromillions numbers. Each country involved will have their own extra euromillions game for players purchasing tickets for the draws, for instance in Switzerland the extra draw is named “Super Star”

The Millionaire Raffle without fail will create two lucky winners and millionaires in the United Kingdom every week, this draw plus the euromillions late November until Christmas is considered Millionaires month and creates no less than 50 Millionaires.

Millionaire Raffle Odds

Odds to win the Euromillions prizes and Millionaire raffle draw can be expected and do vary and only estimates are given, the Millionaire raffle odds to win are different for both draws “Tuesday and Friday”

The estimated Millionaire Raffle Odds for Tuesday:  1:3,500,000 these odds are based and estimated on assumed sales of around 3.5 million.

Estimated Millionaire Raffle Odds for Friday: 1:9,200,000 these odds have been estimated and assuming 9.2 million Raffle entries.

These euromillions statistics can be found on the Camelot National Lotteries website – Discover the National Lottery Odds just follow the link, you may also like to view a euromillions prize breakdown and the odds you are up against for winning prizes and the illusive euromillions jackpot!

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