New York Lottery A Brief History

New York Lottery

It was some time ago now in 1966 that the New York Lottery began and at the time when the new state constitution was passed.

New York State Lottery

The New York state lottery is considered to be among the largest of the USA Lotteries offering some great jackpots. It is just behind the New Hampshire state lottery in age making it the second oldest lottery game in all of the USA.

The are over 14,000 online services providing a variety of New York lottery games to be played adding to the growing number of high street retailers. The games that can be played consist of three jackpot games, round about 12 scratch games and five daily games.

The New York State Lottery by law Is required to give a least 33% of sales on games to support the New York Education System. This equals a massive sum of money with about $2 billion being given every year.

Students that have attended a New York university may get the chance to qualify for a scholarship which is offered from the New York Lottery.

It is now possible for anybody (age permitting of course) to play New York State Lottery from all over the world. The Lotter a lottery tickets agent gives every lottery player the opportunity to choose NY Lottery numbers played with out any delay in to the first available New York Lottery draw automatically. There will never be any waiting to see if you have one the prize as the winning numbers will be posted on the internet within minutes of the draw taking place.

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The New York Lottery a Brief History

Lotteries were used in New York not just for educational needs, before the 20th century the proceeds helped part build the New York City Hall. Also other lotteries played a major role in building the canals and their repair, bridges, roads, ferries. A lot of money was used from lotteries to develop many of New York cities manufacturing industries, even churches were repaired and built using lottery cash.

The New York Lottery was voted and approved in a constitutional amendment on the 8th of November 1966 to be state run and a good portion of the proceeds of any lottery should go towards education. Since 1967 the New York Lottery has amassed well over $34 billion going towards education in New York.

According to the educational law for the New York State Lottery the Division Director has the up most authority for all administration of this lottery.
Around the mid 1970’s because of a scandal all sales were stopped for a period of about nine months.

Players must be at the age of 18. and remember 21 where alcohol is served.

There have been some talks going on between the mega millions and Powerball lotteries so that all US lotteries including the New York Lottery, that may make it possible to sell tickets for both games. The earliest date considered would be the 1st of October 2009. It is not yet clear whether players in New York who opt for the Powerball will be able to choose after winning to be paid in cash or annually as at this time is not allowed under the current New York Lottery regulations.

Some may see this as unfortunate but when anyone wins the New York State Lottery prize fund, the winnings are liable to be taxed by state income and Federal income taxes. Added to this if players are residents of New York City or Yonkers residents they will also be required to pay the local income taxes.

Although the New York Lottery is considered to have the highest sales of all US lottery games it is quite often criticized for giving out low payout percents while neighbouring states more often than not will offer players a much better return.

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