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  1. An NHS Lottery Syndicate I was a Member of.
  2. What I Think Of The Health Lottery Vs Making An Official NHS Lottery.
  3. Setting Up Your Own NHS Lottery Syndicate.

Remembering a time past and many moons ago when I used to work in Health Care one of the highlights of our week was when a colleague would collect money from us so we could play in our own NHS Lottery Syndicate. In total there where 20 wards/units and a minimum of 20 players in each syndicate unit which made up our collective of NHS Lottery players, we used to pay an extra £1.50 for our entries to play the UK Lotto and the extra cash made would go towards equipment a hamper for each syndicate and our Christmas party at the end of the year.

We would have one hell of an end of year party that is for sure and as we were all regular players of the two draws a week we would collectively raise over £60,000 in a year, minimum!

I Love The Lottery!

NHS Lottery

I do not think at the date of this post there is yet an official NHS Lottery “Although I think there should be” dedicated to helping the many trusts that make the whole network across the country.

Health Lottery ?


An official Health Lottery not like the one advertised on TV with people wearing funky coloured wigs jumping up and down like they have won the lottery and one that which only donates 20p in every £1 to health causes “Its Epic”, no what we need is an official health lottery that donates at least 50% of every £1 to helping stop the NHS making future cut backs that really only ever affect the people like Nurses, ok we have seen a NHS Union Strike, it really does not work quite like the Train services, trouble is Nurses care to much about the public.

The rest of the cash can go to the prizes and stationary and seen as the NHS already pays for admin staff that’s that taken care of, most major hospitals have a radio station a Nation wide broadcast in to the hospitals for when the lottery balls are chosen and a recording of the event. “The NHS needs some new tech and charity raising people I think.”

I think many of you may agree that an NHS Lottery would be a whole lot better at dishing out cash for health benefits to the many departments in need across the board seen as it is primarily the NHS that looks after the public across the United Kingdom, maybe it is too late now for the NHS anyway seen as the Government have already cut and changed pensions.

“What have they been doing with your money?”

So a Nurse pays around £160 a month in to a 25 year pension and gives their whole life making others more comfortable, the life expectancy for a nurse after retirement is said to be around 10 years and they are putting the age of retirement up?

Seen as it is almost every person for themselves why not have a go at creating a NHS Lottery Syndicate for yourself.

NHS Lottery Syndicate

Health Lottery vs NHSThe are a number of options you have available for setting up your own NHS Lottery Syndicate and will depend on whether you want to have lottery fun and earn money for yourself or are you doing it just for fun.

If it is just for then just visit the main National Lotteries website where they provide syndicate forms and all the information you will need.

If you would like to earn money from running an NHS Lottery Syndicate and get your colleagues involved in the advantages of a syndicate and the many more chances they will get for team play then this is indeed possible. The games you will have access to are as follows the Thunderball the UK Lottery and the Euromillions Draws, each member can gain up to 1200 chances to win each month.

For more information and how easy it is for you to start your NHS Lottery Syndicate today please visit our syndicate information website. https://www.youplayweplay.co.uk/affiliates.php you will discover everything you need to know to get started on boosting your monthly wages and your lottery chances at winning prizes.

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