Premium Bonds Winners Numbers May 2011

Premium Bonds Results May 2011

Have you won the premium bonds for May 2011, I hope so – what better month to have some extra money than in May.

We can not all win a prize for obvious reasons and the odds are not that great any time of year but at least we get to keep our money when we want it back – the government treasury gets to keep the interest.

The Premium Bonds are a great way to save a little cash here and there for a raining day but with limits on how much you can put by and no matter how long the money is stored no interest for you will ever be earned.

Have You Won Any Premium Bonds Results May 2011

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New Way To Play The Premium Bonds

better lottery numbersSo you did not score any premium bonds results for May 2011, how do you think you will do in June, quite recently a new innovative company backed by Lord Digby Jones released a games product and complete package. When customers join to play their package of lottery games joining a 21 syndicate team they will also be giving premium bonds entries, players have better odds for winning prizes.

They offer 3 levels of entry starting at just £10 a month for weekly play of lottery games and also an in house million a day draw this may well be the only professional Quote – Premium Bonds Syndicate you will come across.

Let us know if the Premium Bonds Results and Numbers for May 2011 saw you enjoying the summer month of May with bit of extra cash in your pocket. If you follow the link above on the page you will also be able to locate the premium bonds winner for May 2011.

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