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Saturday Lotto

Thanks for your visit today and welcome to our Saturday Lotto page and a small but great list displaying some of the lottery games you can play on this great weekend day!

Saturday Lotto Games


Saturday LottoThis Saturday lotto game is the Australians weekend draw and a favourite amongst keen lottery enthusiasts, the jackpot odds are very low in comparison to many other lottery games, to play you will have to select 6 numbers from 1 to 45.

Play this Saturday Lotto game from wherever you live according to your own countries laws, you can pick up 6 entries for around US$ 10.80 safely using one of the many trusted internet pay sources and via an encrypted connection.

Poland Saturday Lotto

Poland Saturday LottoTo play this Polish lottery game a player will have to select 6 numbers for the opportunity for a chance to win prizes from a total of 4 prize tiers, 6 numbers must be selected from 1 to 49 the odds to win the top prize are estimated to be around 1 in 14 Million.

If interested in gaining tickets for this Polish Saturday lotto the you can pick up 4 entry lines for just US$ – 6.80.

UK Saturday Lotto

UK Saturday LottoThe United Kingdom has two main Saturday Lotto games and these are known as the Thunderball and UK National Lottery or just UK Lotto for short.

There are quite a few options for gaining access to the UK Lotto game which has been known to hold rollover jackpots of over £40 Million and all Tax Free.

To buy single tickets to play the UK Saturday Lotto from abroad you can use the Internets trusted No1 ticket merchant. You can pick up 5 entries for US$ – 19.25 which works out at $ 3.85 per entry.

More UK Saturday Lotto Chances

lottery syndicate onlineMost citizens in the UK are quite mad on lottery games and you will find many customers playing together as a team, either by means of a large family and friend’s network or by using professional syndicates online.

The voted best lottery syndicate of 2011 will allow you to play with up to 50 entries for just a starting £2 syndicate fee, they provide many more options to their members and two other lottery games to gain syndicate access to. For the more serious player joining a VIP Membership is highly recommended as you will make plenty of savings, members may also select to play just in the Saturday Lotto games should they so wish.

South Africa – Saturday Lotto

South Africa Saturday LottoCheck out the Saturday Lotto for South Africa, choose 8 entry lines and play for just $10 or pick up some incredible savings when playing those lines for 5 or more draws. Players will need to choose between 6 numbers of between 1 and 49, there are 7 prize tiers a bonus ball to be drawn and the odds to match the jackpot are said to be around 1 in 14 million, the chance to match 5 winning numbers in the African Saturday Lotto are around 1 in 56,000.