South African Lotto Odds For Winning Lottery Prizes

The South African Lotto is a 7 ball lottery game with 7 winning prize tiers with usual jackpots of around £400,000 upwards after rollovers. Players will have to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and match winning numbers according to the given prize tier, the South African Lotto operates a bonus ball drawing “The Seventh”.

South African Lotto

South Africa Saturday LottoThe time of the South African Lotto: Wednesday 21:30 and Saturday 21:30

This draw has a Wednesday and Saturday Lotto jackpot and can be played out side of Africa via the worlds No1 lottery tickets merchant.

Customers receive great savings on bulk buys and first time customers receive free lottery ticket options.

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South African Lotto Odds

If you are a lottery enthusiast and there are many of us then please find a South African Lotto Odds prizes breakdown table below so you can see what the odds are to win any one of the 7 prize tiers. If you have played and seen other winning lottery prize tables then you will notice these 7 ball lottery games share a there about odds ratio to prize tiers.

These are estimates and will fluctuate depending on the amount of tickets sold and people playing on the night.

South African Lotto Results

Prize Tier Divisions Winning Numbers Match Winning Odds
Tier 1 Prize 6 1:14 Million
Tier 2 Prize 5+1 1:3 Million
Tier 3 Prize 5 1:56,000
Tier 4 Prize 4+1 1:45,000
Tier 5 Prize 4 1:1,000
Tier 6 Prize 3+1 1:2,436
Tier 7 Prize 3 1:59

The South African Lotto was first launched on March the 2nd 2000 which was a Thursday and time enough for players to buy their lotto tickets for the first ever draw which was held on Saturday the 11th of March 2000.

One of the largest wins to date is R30 352 465 “Approximately £2,407,070” which happened in 2005, not one of the most eventful lotteries the world has to offer but one that keeps many players in South Africa coming back for more.

For those wanting to buy South African lotto tickets who live outside/Abroad in another country can buy them in blocks of 8 for just $10, regular customers can make great savings when placing their blocks of 8 lines into a minimum of 5 draws onwards. For instance should you choose to buy South African Lotto tickets for 52 draws then customers will save US$ 104.

If you are living in South Africa and you have had enough of your lotto or wish to try your luck out on another type of  lottery game please take a look around our website as you will find some great ways to play for more chances in a number of lotto’s.

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