Win On Numbers

Compared to the amount of lotteries there are in the world that provide the chance to win on numbers it is just a small amount that hold what we could call staggering jackpot prize funds. Below you will find a quick introduction to a few lottery games and the size of prizes players receive after they have had a win on numbers.

A Win On Numbers In A Syndicate

There are plenty of lottery tips online providing information on the best way to choose your sequences for a win on numbers, it is quite normal that quite soon after the lottery enthusiasts who buy into these kind of lottery tips services realize that really they do not make any sense, the best way to gain an odds advantage playing is to enter more tickets thus covering more lottery sequences, this can turn into an expensive way to play so joining a team of players via a lottery syndicate is by far your best option – also see The Players Lottery below.

Unless you are a conspiracy theorist a lottery is random and you will find there are very many instances of players entering their favourite lucky numbers based on birth dates the ages of pets etc and playing these same very lottery number sequences for years. It is only when and after buying a lucky dip ticket “A random selected sequence of lottery numbers” the players win a jackpot. There are just pages and pages containing lottery winners stories based on choosing the lucky dip option after years of play the same old number sequences.

The Players Lottery Win On Numbers

Win On NumbersWith a European Lottery Game such as The Players Lottery it will be more likely you will know someone to have won a nice prize if not the jackpot.

The win on numbers odds for the players lottery jackpot start at just 1 in 300,000 there are no better jackpot odds in the world, if we talk about the 6 degrees of separation theory and apply it to the unique better your odds function provided as a tool by the players lottery, this is to propel the jackpot odds to win the €12 million prize to just 1 in 1500 then the good chances are you will know somebody who has had a fantastic jackpot win on numbers.

SuperEnaLotto Win On Numbers

The Italian Lottery has become very popular amongst the European communities, which is hardly a big surprise as after a win on numbers required to secure the jackpot the lucky winner would be €65,900,000 plus in their bank account, when you win 4 numbers in this draw then expect a prize of around €297.33 the odds to win the jackpot are a very unlikely 1:622,614,630, unlike the euromillions the jackpot size of the Italian SuperEnaLotto is what you can expect without having to wait for rollovers.

El Gordo Win On Numbers

The El Gordo Lottery Christmas draw holds the largest jackpot prizes fund in the world and has been known to reach over €3.2 billion and paying out over €500 million to a single village in Spain, the El Gordo also makes up a series of other draws held weekly and monthly with some surprising large jackpots. A player in the weekly Spanish jackpot draws landing a 6 win on numbers can expect fantastic payouts of around €14,900,000 plus. The win on numbers odds for landing this rather nice jackpot prize are estimated to be around 1:31,625,100

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